How To Connect

To request service, please get in touch with IT Customer Support Services at (505) 277-5757, or you may enter it at if you have a UNM NetID. Please provide the Support Representative with your Business name, address, and contact person with phone number and email address. If you need immediate assistance for outages, please call (505) 277-5757 or email with the above information. An ABQG Engineer will contact you after receipt. 

Network Services

These Ethernet connection options are available at most ABQG nodes:

  • 100 Gigabit
  • 10 Gigabit
  • 1 Gigabit
  • Fast Ethernet

The ABQG facilities are housed in secure, non-public, environmentally-controlled facilities with state-of-the-art cable management systems, HVAC, fire suppression systems, access control, and battery power backups.


ABQG is a cost-effective way to connect to many international research and education networks.

Contact or call (505) 277-5757 and direct to ABQG Data Networks for a cost estimate or to discuss options for your organization.

Fees are billed monthly, quarterly, or annually, pending negotiation.

Flexibility with Diverse Opportunities

All ABQG partners will automatically peer.

  • Any IP traffic accepted.
  • Self-configured peering — peer with who you want.
  • Self-configured peering — you control your BGP peering routes.
  • No AUP
  • Support is available 24 hours/365 days

Policies and Requirements

All policies and standards at this are current as within Participant's ABQG Agreement.

To Cross-Connect, contact one of the following entities:

Lumen for Metro Optical Ethernet (MOE) or point-to-point service

Unite Private Network (UPN) or ZAYO Native LAN service or point-to-point service

New Mexico DoIT for RioGrande Fiber service

UNM IT - Infrastructure/Cabling for all UNM affiliated departments

Plateau/ENMR for eastern New Mexico service